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Information and registration systems

Sophisticated internal management systems for both large organizations and small sports events alike

Sporting organizations, clubs and events all need an automated digitalized administration system to stay functional in today’s modern world. We build tailor-made information and registration systems to fit your specific needs.

Our systems rid you of unnecessary time-consuming paperwork and allow you to focus on more meaningful work.

For example – our systems can deal with the registration of athletes, teams, player transfers, fees and even billing. They can also manage online reports and statistics processing. These are just a handful of features implemented into our personalized systems. Whatever your needs, we can create a personalized system that will suit your needs.

An example of how a digitalized internal system can work is the Czech Ice Hockey Association. For many years now we’ve been helping this huge organization with its internal administration using one of our personalized systems. Other organizations that use our administration systems are, for example, the Czech Olympic Committee, the Czech-Moravian Ball Hockey Association and bus transport company Nobless Line.

To fulfil all the needs of professional sports clubs and associations, we created KIS – our Club Infomation System.

Clients who use our automated systems:

Český hokej
SportID (RAUL!)
Vodní pólo
Nobless Line
and many more...

Where to next?

Web portals

Websites linked to databases and backend systems with content creation if required.

Statistical systems

Advanced statistical systems developed by us. We collect, process and provide data for media outlets and other applications.

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