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We provide data for www.onlajny.com web portal, which brings you live match commentaries, is unique not just in Czech language, but also worldwide. There are of course many live score websites offering real-time scores of hundreds of football, hockey or tennis matches. However, no other service can provide such a detailed text description of match actions.

Onlajny.com covers not only the top divisions in football or ice hockey. There are also matches from minor sports, such as handball, ball hockey or floorball, recent events from lower league clashes in football and ice hockey and all important international matches and tournaments in various sports.

Uniquely, there are also top junior and midget ice hockey divisions available, plus chosen matches of lower divisions. No other country in the world has a possibility of following junior ice hockey matches in this detail and in real time.

Creating the live commentary

Onlajny.com can run thanks to a broad network of external reporters inserting up-to-date information into our system. They work in various conditions, from the comfort of WiFi covered press centers in new arenas to the bitter cold of wooden benches in old football stadiums.

In some lower leagues, minor sports or junior matches, we are unfortunately unable to provide a detailed minute-by-minute commentary and offer just a brief summary of important events. This is because some stadiums do not offer a good Internet connection and our reporter has to send his updates via SMS messages.

Would you like to contribute?

We are constantly looking for new reporters. For our recent needs, see Onlajny.com start page or contact info@onlajny.cz. There is always a chance of agreement, even if your city is not included in the list. Contact us and we will explore the possibilities.

Onlajny.com internationally

Web portal Onlajny.com has its Slovak version www.onlajny.eu (content provider Eras Media) and Polish version www.lajfy.pl (content provider Asinfo.pl).

Advertising on Onlajny.com

For detailed info on advertising possibilities on all web portals (Onlajny.com, Onlajny.eu, Lajfy.pl), see Advertising. Visitor statistics are audited by the Netmonitor project.

Other parts of project

Onlajny.com is not just text commentaries. There are also other projects running under this brand:

  • Prestupy.onlajny.cz – up-to-date summary of all player and coach transfers in Czech ice hockey and football
  • Blog.onlajny.cz – informal blog, content provided by eSports.cz reporters and editors, covers trips to various sporting events
  • TV.onlajny.cz – video news from Czech ice hockey
  • Bazar.onlajny.cz – second-hand shop for amateur and professional ice hockey players

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